Gangantogos Motors LLC Expands Its Reach with the Opening of a New Branch in Yarmag

Namir Group recently held its all-staff meeting at the prestigious State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre. The event, themed “Namir X: Customer, Employee, and Partner,” demonstrated Namir Group’s unwavering dedication to its stakeholders and cele

Gangantogos Motors LLC, a subsidiary of Namir Group specializing in the used car segment, is pleased to announce the opening of its new branch in the vibrant Yarmag region. This expansion is a testament to Gangantogos Motors’ commitment to providing quality, reliable, and affordable pre-owned vehicles to the community. The Yarmag Branch joins the Amgalan Branch, further extending Gangantogos Motors’ footprint in Ulaanbaatar.

The Yarmag Branch’s strategic location brings accessible automotive solutions closer to residents in the Yarmag area. Whether you’re seeking your first car or an upgrade, Gangantogos Motors is poised to meet your automotive needs with a wide range of high-quality used cars and a team of experienced professionals.

The Yarmag Branch is conveniently located at “Naadamchidiin zam” making it easily accessible for customers in the area.

To witness the exciting branch opening and explore our offerings, watch the video of our opening event on our Facebook Page.