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The foundation of Namir’s  Sustainable development is our outstanding workforce. We uphold a people-oriented philosophy, values every employee’s contributions to the Group, and strives to create a great workplace.

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Parents day

We understand the emotional significance and logistical needs of a child's first day of school each year. To honor this important family milestone, we offer a half-day paid leave for our employees to be there for their children on this special day.

"Parents Day" allows our team members to accompany their kids to school, ensuring they can fully participate in this memorable event without the worry of work obligations. This policy reflects our understanding of the integral role that family plays in our employees' lives and our commitment to fostering a family-friendly workplace. We believe that by supporting our employees in these significant moments, we not only enhance their work-life balance but also contribute to a nurturing and understanding company culture. At Namir, we recognize that supporting our employees in their parental responsibilities is essential to their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Childrens day

Children's Day is a celebration that holds a special place in our annual calendar. It's a meaningful experience where we invite our employees to spend a day at the workplace with their kids, creating an atmosphere of fun and family bonding. It's an opportunity for our employees to share their work life with their families, showcasing where they work and what they do, which helps in building understanding and appreciation in their family dynamics.

At Namir, we believe that integrating family into our work environment fosters a deeper sense of community and belonging. Children's Day is a testament to our commitment to family values and our recognition of the importance of nurturing the next generation. We are excited to continue this tradition, making it an enriching experience for our employees and their families, year after year.

Paid Family Leave

Recognizing the vital role that our team members play in the lives of their parents, we offer one day of paid leave specifically for the purpose of caring for their elderly family members. This leave can be utilized to spend quality time with parents, attend to their needs, or accompany them to important appointments.

We believe that by providing this dedicated time, we not only support the familial responsibilities of our employees but also reinforce our commitment to a work-life balance. "Family Day" reflects our recognition that the well-being of our employees' families directly contributes to their peace of mind and overall job satisfaction. At Namir, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive work environment where our employees feel genuinely supported in both their professional and personal lives.

Feel good Financially

Employee Savings Benefit

Understanding the importance of long-term financial planning, we have developed a program that encourages and rewards consistent saving. Under this program, if an employee commits to a two-year time deposit and contributes to it every month, Namir will match and double their total savings at the end of the term. This bold step is our way of incentivizing our employees to build a substantial savings nest egg, ensuring a more secure financial future.

The Employee Savings Program is not just a financial benefit; it's a statement of our investment in our employees' future. By matching their savings, we aim to motivate our team members to develop disciplined saving habits and provide them with a significant financial boost. This initiative is a clear reflection of our commitment to the overall well-being and prosperity of our employees, reinforcing our ethos as a company that truly cares for its people.

New Home Benefit

Namir is excited to introduce the "New Home Benefit," a significant initiative that underscores our appreciation for the dedication and loyalty of our long-term employees. This program is designed to support our team members in achieving one of life’s major milestones: homeownership.

Each year, we select one employee who has been with the company for over five years and contribute a considerable incentive towards the purchase of a new home. This substantial contribution is our way of saying thank you and helping to make the dream of homeownership more attainable for our dedicated staff members.

Additionally, we recognize the challenges and expenses associated with moving into a new home. To assist with this, Namir offers an allowance for any employee purchasing a new home, regardless of their duration with the company. This allowance is intended to help with furnishing and settling into their new residence, easing the financial burden of these often overlooked costs.

The "New Home Benefit" reflects our commitment to the long-term well-being and happiness of our employees. At Namir, we believe in supporting our team not just within the office walls, but in their personal achievements and milestones as well, fostering a culture of care and support that extends far beyond the workplace.

Loan Assistance

We understand that unexpected expenses or significant life events can sometimes lead to financial strain. To support our team in these situations, we provide the option to obtain a loan directly from the company at a very low interest rate, coupled with favorable loan terms.

This program is designed to be as accessible and helpful as possible, offering a more affordable and convenient alternative to traditional financial institutions. Our goal is to provide a supportive financial option for our employees, whether they are dealing with emergencies, planning a major life event, or making significant purchases.

The Loan Assistance Program reflects our commitment to the financial well-being of our employees. We believe that by offering a helping hand in times of need, we can alleviate stress and enable our team members to focus more on their personal well-being and professional responsibilities. At Namir, we stand by our employees, offering them not just a place to work, but a supportive community that cares for their overall well-being.

Feel good When you Grow

Onboarding Program

This extensive 4-week program is more than just an introduction to the workplace; it's a deep dive into the heart of what makes Namir unique.

The first component of the orientation involves familiarizing new team members with the company's infrastructure, their specific roles, and the expectations associated with their positions. This foundational phase ensures that every new employee feels well-prepared and confident as they embark on their journey with us.

A crucial part of our orientation is the detailed training on Namir's six core values. These values are the pillars of our corporate identity and dictate how we conduct business, interact with each other, and approach challenges. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and team-building activities, new employees are immersed in these values, ensuring they resonate not just in their professional life but also become a part of their personal ethos.

By the end of the orientation program, our new colleagues are not only well-versed in their job responsibilities but are also imbued with the principles and spirit that define Namir. We believe this comprehensive approach sets the stage for a fruitful and fulfilling career journey with us, fostering a sense of belonging and alignment with our corporate vision from day one.

Strategy Development Program

Our Strategy Development Program is an innovative and empowering two-year journey specifically designed for our mid-level managers. This program is focused on nurturing strategic thinking, personal mission alignment, and leadership skills.

Over the course of two years, participants will engage in a series of workshops, seminars, and meetings with mentor aimed at developing their ability to think and plan strategically. The curriculum is carefully crafted to enhance decision-making skills, foster innovative thinking, and deepen understanding of the complex dynamics of business strategy.

A unique aspect of this program is its emphasis on personal mission development. We believe that aligning an individual's life mission with their professional role not only enhances job satisfaction but also leads to more meaningful and impactful work. Our managers will be guided through introspective exercises and mentorship sessions to define their personal missions and learn how to integrate these with their career paths.

The Strategy Development Program is more than just a training course; it's an incubator for the next generation of strategic leaders at Namir. By investing in our mid-level managers in this way, we're not only preparing them for advanced roles within the company but also ensuring that our leadership pipeline is strong, diverse, and aligned with our corporate values and philosophy. This program is a testament to our commitment to the continuous growth and empowerment of our team, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and strategic excellence.

Trainings abroad

Namir is dedicated to the continuous development and empowerment of our employees, a commitment we demonstrate through our extensive training and courses abroad program. As part of our 'Go International' strategy, we understand the importance of global exposure and specialized training in enhancing the proficiency and skills of our team members.

In our automotive business unit, for instance, we regularly send our technicians to international destinations such as Japan, Turkey, and Malaysia. Here, they receive specialized service training for renowned brands like BMW and Mazda. These training sessions are not just about technical skill enhancement; they also provide our technicians with a global perspective on automotive technology and services, ensuring they are at the forefront of industry standards.

Recently, we've expanded our international training focus to include language and managerial skills. Aligned with this, we are sending our managers to the UCD English Language Academy in Dublin. This initiative is designed to bolster their communication skills, a crucial component in today's global business environment. The program in Dublin offers an immersive language learning experience, enabling our managers to enhance their proficiency in English, which is vital for international business dealings and collaborations.

Through these international training opportunities, Namir aims to equip our employees with the skills, knowledge, and global perspective needed to excel in their respective fields. These experiences not only benefit their personal and professional growth but also significantly contribute to the overall expertise and service quality of our company. Our commitment to sending employees abroad for training reflects our dedication to not just keeping pace with global standards, but leading the way in our industry sectors.

There are many more enriching experiences to elevate your well-being here.